9 Strategies to get More Listings & More Sales

How do you know if you haven’t been taught the right things to thrive as an agent in real estate?
06:06 – This only happens in Wall Street?
09:05 – Learn your 3 ratios (KPI’s), numbers don’t lie
12:25 – The questions you must ask listing presentation
16:00 – Facebook gamechanger
18:22 – Questions to buyers to gather intel on what they’re really thinking and where they’re at
19:27 – Is you only have $3,500 to spend on your personal marketing, what should you spend it on?
20:52 – This is the most powerful thing to take with you to a listing to win the business
21:57 – Use this technique to get offers from buyers in a non-urgent market
23:20 – Use this simple hack to snap out of a slump
25:23 – Use these steps to create any system on anything – ideal for the totally disorganised

Real Estate Gym:

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