Get More Sales on Etsy// Etsy SEO Tutorial to Get Your Hand Forged Products Seen!

Alright, so you’ve got your Etsy keywords in place on your listing. You want to do more… what’s next? I will show you how you can use those same keywords from your Etsy tag section throughout your listing to get more views… and ultimately get more sales on Etsy!

If you haven’t yet seen my video on Etsy tags tips, go back and watch it! Etsy keywords are important to getting your item found in the search results. Incorporating Etsy keywords and Etsy tags throughout your listing can help you place on the first page of Etsy’s search results. My Etsy Tag Tips video was a precursor to this Etsy SEO Tutorial since having the right Etsy tags are the building blocks for Etsy SEO (search engine optimization). Follow these steps for getting found on Etsy!

In this series of Etsy tutorial videos, I cover everything from starting your shop, to making listings, taking photographs, and getting exposure via Etsy SEO tricks. Make sure you visit my playlist to see all my tutorials on Etsy.

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