How to Get More Sales (FAST) – The Power of Live Chat

Do you want to know how to get more sales on your ecommerce store? I know, stupid question right?! Who doesn’t?! In this video Mitchell outlines the power of Live Chat as a service on your web store and how that relates to shifting even more of your product or service to get more sales, FAST!

Firstly, we take a look at average response times of live chat compared to more traditional methods of customer support, and what customers have come to expect in terms of their support options when browsing your website.

Secondly, we look at how live chat helps your customers overcome any objections when it comes to making a purchasing decision, so that you can close the sale. How many times are customers supported by live chat more likely to buy? The answer might shock you!

Next up we’ll touch briefly on how live chat support doesn’t strictly have to be live. What does that mean you ask? Well imagine if there was a way to automate your customer support so that your customers can get answers to their questions even when you’re away!

Lastly, we have a bit of bonus info for you. We’ll be breaking down the studies and showing you the ROI statistics of B2B business who use a paid live chat service. The results really are groundbreaking to say the least…

Here are links to the studies showing the statistics discussed in this video:

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