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How To Use Keywords in Amazon To Get More Sales

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Hello everyone, in this video we are going to talk about how to use keywords in Amazon to increase your sales or to get more sales.

Keywords plays a very critical role in getting your products visible to millions of people in India are across the world.

Hence it becomes very important to select a right keyword to get more conversion on your sales.

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Amazon India has a very good facility to use keywords for each of your product to get that visibility that you need when a buyer is trying to search your product for search the same product from any other category.

If you noticed when you put a word on Amazon search option you will find default results that will pop up in the search result which are basically nothing but keywords.

So let’s find out what are the benefits of using a keyword.

This will also help you to solve one of you more question about how to get more sales on amazon.

First benefit is that it will showcase your product on the top search result.
You will get more conversion rate on the search results.
You will get more sales and more profit.
Your brand will be getting more visibility and the brand value will increase.

So now we know that what are the benefits of using keyword it is important to know how to use keywords in Amazon seller Central page.

As shown in the video please follow the simple instructions to put the right keyword at the right place to get more visibility.

Also try to use as much information as possible in the product description page and Bullet Points page.

Remember that when customer tries to buy the product apart from looking at the pictures for the images of the products they also look at the product description and the bullet points.

So if you are Bullet point and description clear with as much information as possible then the customer will easily trust you and give you that says that you have been waiting for.

Hope this video tutorial will be of some help for you.
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